The RIT Certified Mastery Certificate is a pathway to proven readiness to begin work, to immediately apply new skills. This rigorous certificate is built on authentic assessment of specific skills. It is a credential that itemizes what the holder knows and can do relative to a job role. It summarizes an accompanying portfolio of evidence of learned and applied skills. In combating the mental health and substance abuse epidemic, evidence has shown that the integration of behavioral health care into primary care has led to significant improvement of clinical outcomes and cost. The Mastery Certificate in Integrated Behavioral Health will help clinicians outside of the behavioral health field to: improve outcomes for those whose behavioral health issues may impact physical illness; save money by avoiding behavioral health referrals; recognize symptoms of psychological distress; match patients with appropriate level of behavioral intervention; prescribe medical treatments that complement behavioral treatment where necessary; and provide basic behavioral health treatment. The certificate curriculum pathway consists of four required courses and one elective.

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